Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 6: Sage's Reading.

Part 1.
Your numbers...

+ 1958
   1981 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

So you are a 10-1, and according to Tarot Constellations (by Mary K. Greer...thank you. Link to free pdf follows)...

...Yours is the Constellation of the Magician. The Principle of Will and Focused Consciousness. The Aces indicate the opportunity to begin new things...The Tens demonstrate the developed skills with which to meet challenges and the results of taking principles to their extremes."

What is changing and how can I best handle those changes? How can I alter my perspective? How do I reach my center and leave the ups and downs to the perimeter?

What is my own personal magic? How do I focus and direct it? Who is my magical self? How can I use the four elements in my life? (The Magician has the sword, staff, pentacle, and cup.) How can I communicate in four ways?

Communication. Self-consciousness. Individualization. Self-expression. Initiative. At-one-ment. Originality.


Unity of Self, the Individual
The Magician represents focused consciousness and will. As a card relating to Mercury, that you are a communicator and skilled craftsperson. As a Magician you work creatively using your hands as well as your mind. You are capable of great mental focus and are self-initiating in your activities. Logical analysis comes easy to you and you use this ability to manipulate anything under the sun...To develop your highest abilities, you need to realize that you can be a channel for a higher consciousness. If you open up to Spirit and let the Divine Will move through you, you may join the company...who are outstanding healers, teachers, leaders, innovators, inventors, and communicators of all kinds.


Unity in Diversity, the Individual in Society
The Wheel of Fortune represents change, movement, and expansion of ideas. It is a card of luck, both good and ill. As the Wheel turns new opportunities appear and old projects reach a new turn on the spiral. Jupiter is most often associated with this card and thus expands the thinking of the Magician to a new level, adding a philosophical perspective…"

Through your numbers and tarot card significators you can clearly see that you wield you own power and can do almost anything with your hands (hands as shapers of your creative reality) and as long as you keep to your center (the Wheel) then you will not get so dizzy with life’s constant little changes…and big ones, sometimes, too.

I truly recommend that you read about the energy of your 10-1 vibe either through the book or the pdf. Mary K. Green also covers the energy of the year that one is into, by adding up your day and month of birth with the current or asked about year.

So, for this year, you are

+ 2016
   2039 = 2 + 0 + 3 + 9 = 14,
the Year of Temperance, which to me is all about creativity, and turning dross matter into Gold.

“YOUR TEMPERANCE YEAR is one in which you creatively combine things in new and different ways. You have the inner endurance to slowly wear away all obstacles with patience and grace. You find resources and assistance you didn’t know were available before: some from friends and coworkers and some from within.

…You build bridges and heal breaches, perhaps through networking and acting as a mediator. YOU WANT TO MAKE THINGS WORK AGAIN. You seek spiritual guidance but you want practical results.”

*     *     *     *     *     *

Part 2.
Your Question: Where to best focus my energies to create the change and life abundance I know is out there for me?

I opened to your basic info yesterday, and this is what came up:
I saw the tool that sailors use to circumnavigate the globe, which feels really important to your reading.

So, right away I knew that you were wanting to set sail, but that you know the lesson of preparation while a life goal is being sought. Travel, for you, is just one way to get to know this world aka school of ours...just one way to open to the dictates of your HIGHER self.

Feels like something from your past (felt it by my left shoulder) is keeping you from totally standing up for yourself…maybe, like me, someone cast their ill-fitting impressions of who you were early on in your direction?

I saw a big (feels red aka your passionate nature and your current desire) umbrella that protects you and yours…you are like a tiger when it comes to protecting your peeps from unwanted attention, people, and events. Also, this shows your social nature…you are unique in that you feel larger-grander-bigger when you spend time with people that you feel connected to.

I saw a magnifying glass…which could mean that you are looking for something small (the small stuff) aka minuscule that may be holding you up…and I saw a snake aka kundalini on level with your throat chakra. Don't hold back...share your truth with your trusted peeps. Do some things still need to be said?

Kundalini (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, कुण्डलिनी, pronunciation (help. · info), "coiled one"), in yogic theory, is a primal energy, or shakti, located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of "awakening" kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment." ~online definition

You may be taking a trip to the beach, as I saw a large beach towel.

Back to your question…
I feel that you will continue on your path toward furthering the force that Temperance bestows on your life, this year, and you will be looking at the possibilities for world travel…I could see you on a path much like the woman who wrote the book, ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ to connect with your LARGEST self. And that you will be confabbing with your friends-family-loved ones during the summer to pin things down a bit and guarantee that others might be okay during your possible absence(s.)

I feel that you might be traveling to the world’s beaches (beach towel) in the next say 1 to 8 months. It will shake things up enough for you to see with BEGINNER’S EYES again…which is just what you need (imho) at this juncture.

Those are my insights for this a.m. AS with everything, take what works and leave the rest.



  1. Hey there Sage, I would really appreciate some feedback from you about your or two sentences work, whatever feels right to you. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Tarot's are evil/occult, dear;
    they form demons
    and demons are very tricky.
    How would you know that
    living in Washington,
    the greatest liberal state
    in the whole nation,
    where they're even afraid to
    say you're going OFF a cliff
    when they're doing the same.
    Better STOP, dear.
    Better START praying
    and asking Jesus to forgive you.
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, dear.
    And though Im a sinner, too,
    it doesnt help
    when you're on the whorizontal.
    And sleepin with another man unmarried?
    No, dear, I aint here to judge.
    Im only telling you the Truth:
    STOP this sillyness.
    or you'll be lost to the Abyss o'Misery.
    I dont wanna lose you, either...
    yet, your utterly-gorgeous-face
    wont save you from the Forever Night.

    trustNjesus ALWAYS, girl.
    Meet me Upstairs
    for a Big-Ol beer
    and we'll tok bout
    celebrating our eternal resurrection.

    God bless your indelible soul.