Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 5: Kirstin's Reading (Part 2.)

“What can I do in order to reverse my health problems and get well? I wonder is I am missing something that is keeping me from finally obtaining good health. Thanks.” ~Kirstin

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Dear Kirstin,
I don’t often do medical readings…but I do have two books on the subject ready to refer to, if need be. First, I am going to try to hone into the area of concern…this may come as physical symptoms that correspond in my body as I tune into your vibe.

What I tuned into…
I saw the tip of something pointing at you…I mixed your question up with two others and this is letting me know that we are here—right now—for you.

Also, I saw the strong-bright light that is used for portrait photos…called the key light:
“The key light is the first and usually most important light that a photographer, cinematographer, lighting cameraman, or other scene composer will use in a lighting setup. The purpose of the key light is to highlight the form and dimension of the subject.” ~online definition

Okay. We are narrowing our search.

Then I saw a large white barge on the water…I am feeling like you take your home with you wherever you go (kinda like a turtle)…and that your element is water. I felt (prior to this) that your issue was water-based and that you have issues with your boundaries (I saw a Russian nesting doll prior to officially starting to read for you…a preliminary rush of images sometimes happens when I am eager to tune into psi for the person I am reading for.)

Big barges have been known to carry trash, not always knowing that there will be off-site repository for shared human waste…are you ever constipated? (You don’t have to answer, but I am putting it out there…)

Betty Bethards, Dream Book:
“BOAT. Your emotional self. If at the helm you are in control; if your boat is drifting (this is where I feel your boat is at), you are not in charge of your emotional life…through self-examination, making positive choices, you can change negative emotional trips.”

Melanie Barnum, Book of Psychic Symbols,
“Boat: may suggest a literal boat ride or vacation or cruise; can indicate making your way through your emotions; can represent one’s path or journey through life; may suggest opening a spiritual route or exploring the unconscious…See also HARBOR.”

The barge was one level…with a solid white base, but no stairs to the sky… a floating home. As you are a Star, this may be part of what is frustrating you with your health issues? First you need to drop anchor…or find a harbor that suits you. You—also—need stairs and/or ladders in order to see where you are now and to chart your course for the bigger and better you! Create a platform or scaffolding for what you’d like to see come about in your life…if you want to focus on health, then you will be creating stairs to better understanding. Can you see yourself erecting these?

? - I feel/think that you may be like me, with your home being in the world…with freedom as an essential issue that may keep you adrift at times.

Also, I saw the light at the beginning of the tunnel…has a father-figure in your life died? Or are you your Father’s daughter? Feels like someone who has ahold of your heart is trying to make a/the connection with you. They may be hastening your sense of urgency about your own trip to the other side?

The light is so lovely and its pull towards the d-word is unmistakable…and often connected emotional attachments, still going strong…

Finally I saw a door knob…the old-fashioned kind, with the vantage being from below. This FEELS like it is about Alice, Alice in Wonderland, with the message “Eat Me,” which was all about her getting bigger, so that she could turn that knob. In what ways can you make yourself a bigger presence in your own life and the lives of others?

“After she sits down and starts crying in frustration and scolding herself to stop, she noticed that a little glass box had magically appeared out of nowhere underneath the table. Inside the box was a small cake that had the words "EAT ME" marked on it in currants. After she ate the entire cake, she grew so large that her head struck against the ceiling in the hall. Then she drinks a little bit of the shrink potion again and goes thru the door.”

So, the turnaround in your health could be as simple as drinking more water…taking more baths…spending time near water (rivers, lakes, streams, etc.)…it is in your hands, or in the glass in your hands. The emotional body is usually located in the 2nd chakra, and maybe with this also in the 5th. The 2nd chakra houses the emotional body…and the 5th, is about your finding your own voice in this lifetime. Please don’t quote me with this…I am only loosely tied into these concepts…

Bibliomancy, using Sherrie Dillard’s book Develop your Medical Intuition:
“A sacred illness or disease is one in which an illness or disease serves a divine function. This is what is called a soul contract. It is an agreement some souls make before entering the earth life to use illness or disease as a tool for their higher good. When an illness or disease enlightens, transforms, and awakens us to a truth, knowing, and experience of love and compassion that could not come to us any other way, it fulfills a higher purpose.

The idea that the physical body can be a tool that our emotions, mind, and spirit use to awaken us can be hard to accept and fully understand. This is because we believe that we are primarily physical beings. The body defines us and we often believe that without one we cease to exist. Yet this is simply not true. The body is temporary. The spirit is eternal.

Your spirit will use whatever means necessary to promote your evolution. Sickness and disease can be a vehicle for profound self-awareness…We take the correct medicine and undergo extensive treatments and still we do not heal…”

The material quoted above (thanks Sherrie Dillard) feels right. So, there may be something or some things that you can do that mirror the symbolism of Alice eating the cake that would make her larger, so that she could turn the door knob.

Okay, I am tapped-out…hope that this helps. As always, take what works and leave the rest.


  1. Hey there Kirstin, I would really appreciate some feedback from you about the part 2 or two sentences work, whatever feels right to you. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Hi Jan, I apologize, but I was out of town. Thank you very much for the time you put into the reading. The part of the reading that resonated the most was the association with the star. It was very spot on. The other things I struggled to make a connection with. I have very specific health issues with definitive diagnoses, but no doctor has been able to help me. I already drink a lot of water and only water, so drinking more is not going to really help. I do appreciate you trying and please don't take it to heart. Readers have a hard time zoning in on the issue, for some reason. Thanks again,

    1. Thank for sharing. And I get that I didn't quite hit the mark with my psi-share for you. The stuff about the Star is directly from Mary K. Greer's book Tarot Constellations, she is a great tarot teacher and symbolist.