Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 3: Reading for V. Collins

Hi Jan,
My question for today is, will I be able to better my finances soon?
(V. Collins)

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Hey V.,
Your question is a two-parter:
1. Will I be able to better my finances? Yes/No.
2. Will my finances improve in the coming weeks/months/year/years?

I usually don't use props, I go straight to my open third-eye...but this time I will finish up my reading by consulting a pendulum...for practice and sharing purposes.

I do use L. Day's apple trick with many yes/no questions: I imagine an apple in my hands, and if it gets smaller it's a no, and if it gets larger it's a yes. If you get interference, at first, then practice visualizing a blank canvas or a blank movie-theater screen--before the images that might follow with the pre-movie adverts and previews--to place the apple in front of. Sometimes it is hard to hone in on that imagery and that is where--I have found--a pendulum can help.

Your reading (1st part):

Will I be able to better my finances?

I got a strong Yes. And I saw a fighter jet heading up, already having taken flight (i.e. no longer grounded), the jet was a dark blue-black color*. (IMHO) The jet is good strong symbol for you to identify with. But also a message that you are going to have to bring your best self to this good fight, primarily between your own self and gravity or gravitas. I see that you will have to punch it to get past the place where you have come to feel more at home -> in debt? -> you have bound yourself to a smaller reality than need be...due to inexperience or fear of taking more on than you are comfortable.

(The angle of the jet--in my jet--was way steeper...almost upright.)

Things have been quiet...lately...toadstool quiet. You can always return to that, but your desire is gathering energy, gaining purchase in the sky, and wanting to gaze at the the heavens. Visualize your goal: yourself punching beyond the gravity that would keep you rooted and earthbound.

That can be done (just an idea) through changing just ONE THING in how you approach this quest. There's a book that I love (of course) called 'Do One Thing Different,' by Bill O'Hanlon. Free PDF:

Your reading (2nd part):

When will V. be able to change her finances?

I heard six...six weeks, six months, six years?

For this I consulted a pendulum and it hovered around six months...with a vision of your ship cresting the waves...the ship was ocean liner size, which to me represents the size of your challenge and the fact that this step is essential to your soul-work-growth. This will be a long voyage of discovery, with you seeing change in about six months. And the final symbol that came up is the moon, a crescent moon with maybe your child-self in the moon chair (like you see for Dreamworks films) fishing. Perhaps you can imagine your child-self casting your line in the sky and imagine what comes up...

AS with everything, take what works and leave the rest...


*The color dark blue-black feeeels it represents something with density and Betty Bethards' 'Dream Book' she associates black with the unconscious and blue with spirituality....and in Melanie Barnum's 'Book of Psychic Symbols' she states, "Colors play as big a role as objects or images when trying to interpret a symbolic message. Pay attention to the feeling you get with each hue."


  1. Thank you for the book suggestion and reading. Very insightful.